• Hydration Innovation

    QLARIVIA is Deuterium Depleted Water, an absolute innovation in the way we hydrate our bodies. Because QLARIVIA contains only 25 parts per million deuterium, 6 times less than the water we normally drink, it lowers the deuterium levels in our body at cellular level and helps us maintain our general wellbeing.

  • Holistic approach to wellness

    QLARIVIA is easily integrated into a healthy lifestyle.

    Drink QLARIVIA every day and benefit from the long term effects of balancing deuterium in your body.

  • Certified quality

    QLARIVIA is made following the highest quality standards.

    QLARIVIA has a special mineral content that gives it a slightly basic pH and its great taste.

    QLARIVIA is nitrate and nitrite-free and is bottled in BPA-free plastic.

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Optimize Your Health

Boost Immunity - Stay Healthy - Add Longevity

You exercise! You eat right!
But are you drinking the right water?

Whether you are focusing on improving your health, losing weight, staying fit, or just trying extend your life through previously untapped means, make Qlarivia Water part of your health regimen.


Light Water

What Is Deuterium Depleted Water?​

Deuterium is a heavier isotope of hydrogen that occurs naturally in water. By depleting water of deuterium, we make the water “lighter” and easier for your body to absorb for all the benefits you expect, and many more.


Get to Know Qlarivia

Revealing water’s secrets: Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)

Qlarivia (meaning rediscovery of nature through science) is ultra-pure water crafted using a natural, unique patented process.

Drinking Deuterium Depleted Water improves the general well-being of all organisms at a cellular level. Qlarivia is recommended for health-conscious individuals who enjoy healthy eating, clean living and who like to be fit and treat their body right, especially for those who want to drink the best, healthiest water.


Annoucing Q18

Our Newest Version Of DDW

Our ultimate goal is to help people live healthier, disease-free lives by bolstering their defense mechanisms at a molecular level. On average people have 150 ppm of deuterium in their body from drinking tap water.

Recent studies show that drinking 1/2 – 1 liter per day of 18 to 25 ppm for 3 months is very effective to manage the total body burden of deuterium.

To help you get there faster, we are now launching Q18 offering a special discounted price! Same great water, less deuterium!


Where Is The Deuterium Depleted Water Actually Made?

QLARIVIA is a FDA registered product which is made by a European Union company, Mecro System SRL, that has pioneered Deuterium Depleted Water and remain committed to providing the best quality Deuterium Depleted Water to our global customers since 2004.

Our Deuterium Depletion facility is producing in the European Union, in the city Ramnicu Valcea/Romania and operates at the international quality norms of ISO 22000/HACCP.

Long before bottling or adding a balanced mineral content, DDW goes through a lengthy, highly technological process that lowers its deuterium content. This process is very costly and what makes DDW and is the main reason for the final price of QLARIVIA.

We are extremely proud of our unique, patented Deuterium Depletion Process, which has won more than 15 prestigious international awards.

As of right now, we are not aware of the existence of any commercial deuterium depletion factory in the United States that can bring DDW down to 25 parts per million deuterium concentration.

In our opinion, it is very important for you to know the source of the DDW you intend to buy. The DDW you are buying may be bottled or mineralized in the USA, but not actually made there.

How Often Should I Drink Qlarivia?

Drink at least one bottle (0.5 L) of Qlarivia per day. Even a single bottle of Qlarivia, preferably in the morning, helps to balance deuterium in the body.

How Is The Level Of Deuterium In The Water You Are Buying Certified And By Whom?

The level of deuterium in QLARIVIA water is 25±4 ppm.

Each QLARIVIA shipment comes with the Deuterium analysis performed on the respective production lot by the Romanian National R&D Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies which has a certified laboratory that operates deuterium analyses according to the Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW). There are only few laboratories in the world that are certified for this analysis.

Is The Water I Am Buying Balanced In Minerals And Microbiologically Pure?

After it goes through the Deuterium Depletion process and reaches 25 parts per million deuterium concentration, QLARIVIA is mineralized with pharmaceutical-grade pure minerals to a perfect balance specifically designed to give it a slight basic pH and its great taste.  QLARIVIA is then ultra purified through three different top-of-the-line technologies to make sure it is microbiologically pure and, thus, safe to drink.

Both the mineral balance and the microbiological purity of each production lot are then certified by independent labs and these lab reports accompany each QLARIVIA

What Are The Differences Between US And European Union Quality Norms And Lab Reports?

Both the United States and the European Union hold their manufacturers to high standards.

Since QLARIVIA is deuterium depleted, mineralized, and bottled in the European Union, this ensures that the lab reports  you receive for QLARIVIA have the same integrity as those you would for Evian or Perrier, for example.

Lastly, the FDA randomly tests QLARIVIA when it reaches US customs to double

What Is Deuterium ‘D’?

Deuterium is one of the three forms (called isotopes) of the first element, hydrogen. (get from standard definitions). The first hydrogen isotope is named ‘protium’ (the most abundant by far and the lightest), consisting of a proton and an electron. Protium is commonly expressed by the symbol ‘1H’. The second isotope is named ‘deuterium’ (much less abundant than protium but twice as heavy due to the addition of a neutron). Deuterium is commonly expressed by the symbol ‘D’ or ‘ 2H’. The third isotope is named ‘tritium’ (almost non-existent on Earth and three times as heavy as protium due to the addition of two neutrons). Tritium is a radioactive and luminous gas. The most important fact to know is that in nature, both protium and deuterium combine with oxygen to form water molecules.

What Is Light Water?

Light water, or deuterium depleted water (DDW), is a term given to a unique composition of water in which the natural deuterium content is at least 10% less than 150 ppm, the level present in most natural waters on Earth.

Why Is Deuterium Depleted Water So Expensive?

Removing deuterium, which cannot be done by any standard filtration is a complex energy intensive and time consuming process. Our production is based on a method known as Low-Temperature Vacuum Rectification which imitates and amplifies the natural condensation, precipitation, and evaporation cycles of mother nature with better efficiency to remove up to 97% of the deuterium in water. Only a few facilities exist in the world that produce deuterium depleted water on a commercial scale.

Does Light Water Exist In Nature?

There is no ‘perfect” 100% light water with 0 ppm deuterium in nature. All natural water contains different concentrations of deuterium. The’ lightest’ water on Earth, formed as a result of natural meteorological processes, is the snow and ice in Antarctica, which is approximately 89 ppm. Unfortunately, its remote inaccessibility does not lend itself to be used as a light water resource. Deuterium depleted water may only be obtained in large quantities by artificial means. Qlarivia processed ‘light water’ water far surpasses glacial Antarctic water in purity.

Is Drinking DDW Safe For Everyone?

Yes, light water can be used like any other drinking water for daily use with no age restrictions. Nevertheless, always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding the introduction of anything new to your diet.

Are There Any Side Effects To DDW?

DDW is the closest to the water we make ourselves deep in our cells. It is the purest, cleanest water that exists, free of all impurities and this has a positive effect on the body. With regular consumption of DDW, a more complete purification of the whole body from deuterium occurs. This process may assist to increase the functional activity of cells, organs and some body systems.

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