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Deuterium Depleted Water (Case of 24) - Qlarivia Q18

Deuterium Depleted Water (Case of 24) - Qlarivia Q18

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Qlarivia, immaculate water for your well-being. Qlarivia has a low deuterium content and is the result of research in the field of isotope separation conducted over the years by a renowned team of specialists. You will find in Qlarivia the purified water that used the technology to get you a quality product that will help you maintain your wellbeing. In the memory of nature, the water is pure. Deuterium is one of the hydrogen isotopes and is found in a proportion of 150 parts per million in all water. The low deuterium content in glacial water – tens of thousands of years ago – demonstrates that water has not always had such a high concentration of deuterium as today. The low deuterium content of Qlarivia gives it therapeutic properties at cellular and DNA levels, slowing the aging process, lowering the appearance of cell division defects, and improving the immune system.


Contains 8 times less deuterium than drinking regular water

Drinking deuterium depleted water (DDW) improves general well being of all organisms at a cellular level. Due to its properties and benefits on the organism, Qlarivia is meant for everyone. The consumption of Qlarivia is recommended for health conscious individuals, for those who enjoy healthy eating and healthy living, and for those who like to be in shape and treat their body right. And especially for those who want to drink the best, healthiest water.

Water quality

Qlarivia Water Q18: 18 +/-5 ppm (approximately 80% less deuterium than regular drinking water). Certified ISO 14001, (BS)OHSAS 18001 and HACCP

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: Drink at least one bottle (0.5 L) of Qlarivia per day. Even a single bottle of Qlarivia, preferably in the morning, helps to balance deuterium in the body.

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